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ePOS Software

ePOS Packages

Tablet Package

£ 899
One off payment
  • AOTM ePOS Software
  • Refurbished Microsoft Surface Pro 3
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Cash Drawer
  • Caller ID
  • Integrated Card Terminal (Optional)

All in One Package

£ 1199
One off payment
  • AOTM ePOS Software
  • All in One Touch Screen System
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Cash Drawer
  • Caller ID
  • Integrated Card Terminal (Optional)

Basic Package

£ 599
One off payment
  • AOTM ePOS Software
  • Refurbished i3 System
  • 15" Touch Monitor
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Cash Drawer
  • Caller ID
  • Integrated Card Terminal (Optional)
Bespoke Software


Take phone orders, online orders and much more with our fantastic takeaway ePOS software.

Hair Dressers

Our POS system features allows you to get an overview of your business at a glance or drill down into individual customers’ orders.

Dry Cleaners

Order and collection dates, customer accounts and a large variety of menu options our software is perfect for your dry cleaning business.


Food and drink printer, open tabs and manage tables

Coffee Shops

With an endless amount of customization our software is perfect for any coffee shop.


From table management to kitchen printers, bookings to waiter tablets. You can take orders anywhere in your restaurant.

Free Online Ordering Website

Let your customers to stay at home and you deliver their food

Click Here

Simple pricing

  • Pay only 5% per commission per order
  • No other fixed fees. We love it simple!
  • Payments are deposited to your account

Let your customer to stay at home and you deliver

  • Free Domain
  • Free Menu Setup
  • ePOS Integrated


No Contract

* No Monthly Fee
* No Hidden Cost
* No Merchant Account Needed
* No PCI fees
Click Here

Simple pricing

  • Pay only 1.7% per + £0.2 transaction
  • No other fixed fees. We love it simple!
  • Payments are deposited to your account

Faster payments in a beautiful new package

  • Swipe, insert or go contactless
  • Only 5 seconds per transaction
  • USB Charging

Digital Signage

Add customer experience to your menu with live social media, sports, and digital menus.


AOTM packages are best value for money, so buy now before its run out.


Modernizing your restaurant with hardware is a surefire way to improve the efficiency.


Grow and secure your business by Easy Menu Programming EPOS POS Software.

If you know what you exactly want, simply contact apply your purchase through the website and if you need a consultant to see what product can be the most suitable for you, simply contact us.

We offer both monthly and yearly packages to make it easier for you to decide. But we highly recommend you to at least use an epos for one year to see how it benefits you. Once you experience the advantages, you will definitely want it for the rest of your business life. So, it totally depends on you how long to use an epos system.

Note that there could be some updates for the software so the yearly contract can both meet your requirements and the updates.

A full pack of epos system includes:

  1. Cash drawer
  2. Barcode scanner
  3. Printer
  4. Payment terminal
  5. Displays

But a till system is a display installed with the epos software without a cash drawer or any other accessories.

Definitely yes. You are free to choose what you need and our software epos programs include online ordering website (which is free to order and we will only charge you 5% commission per order) and AOTM POS software (which can be ordered either as one-off payment with one-year free update and support or a monthly payment with unlimited updates and support).

Yes, and all you need is to contact us to mention all your requirements with the support team. The prices and terms of the personalized epos system in the UK will be explained in the contacts.

Depending on what you order, prices can be different. A single software will cost you less than £300 and a full package can cost you from £600 to £1200. Everything depends on your choices.

Always remember, in order to be successful in any business field, there is a rule and that’s it: “You should be either the first or the best!”
Well, being the first is not always possible but being the best is something you can do by offering special services and equipping your business with top tools. One of the tools that can lead your business to the best is an EPOS system which can not only be a great assist with accounting in your business but is also a perfect way to treat your customers.
So what is an epos system exactly? How can it benefit a trade? Where can I find a good one? And why AOTM? You can read more about epos systems in the following paragraphs and have a clear view to epos systems by receiving answers for the mentioned questions. Then what are you waiting for? Let’s dig in learning more about becoming the best in a business field.

What is an epos system?

Epos systems, also known as POS systems, are the platform and all the needed tools to make a perfect electronic point of sale system. This platform can be shortened in a software installing on a smart device or be a comprehensive set of tools including:

  1. Receipt printer
  2. Customer display
  3. Cash drawer
  4. Till system
  5. Barcode scanner
  6. Payment terminal
  7. Any other needed tools

The point is, no matter how expanded and large a business is, EPOS can always be a perfect choice. In fact, the bigger a trade is, the more it needs an EPOS system. Why? Because it simply can benefit you in many different aspects.

Where can I find a good epos system?

Good has different definitions for different people but most of us believe that a good thing is something that is:

  1. affordable
  2. sufficient
  3. appropriate
  4. responsive

When a product has the mentioned features, it is mostly evaluated as a good one. Here, at AOTM we provided all you need for your business to be unique. Sometimes the field of business can be effective in having an epos system but don’t worry as we considered that as well. If you need an epos system in London or any other part of the UK, simply contact us to guide you the best way.

Advantages of having an epos system

We mentioned that an EPOS system can benefit you in many different aspects and you might wonder how! The advantages an epos system brings are:

Save time, energy and money:

An epos can save time and energy for both the customer and the cashier as scanning a barcode is definitely much faster and easier rather than calculating the purchases one by one. This way, there won’t be long lines of customers and the customer satisfaction would be higher as well.

The expenses can be also reduced by equipping your trade with an epos system. Consider you have a retail store, a restaurant, or any other type of retailing. There must be some people as cashiers, waiters, customer guides, etc. By an epos system you can simply reduce the amount of cashiers and either reduce the expenses or improve the number of other employees to provide better services.

Be unique in your field:

Some business owners assume that small retail stores such as a small gift shop won’t need an epos system because it probably is suitable for bigger trades. Well, that’s totally a wrong point of view. As we mentioned you can save time and energy but this is not the whole thing.

Consider you are that small gift shop and there are some other gift shops in your neighborhood. Don’t you think that a machine can bring uniqueness to your shop? Of course it can! This can improve the customer experience and a great customer experience means having loyal customers who will introduce you to other people freely!

You can also receive the reports of daily, weekly and monthly sales and analyze them to easily find and solve any sales problems in your trade.

Accuracy booster:

Many business managers have problems with the accuracy in their shop. Managing inventory, labors, accounting, sales analyses, etc. are the most common things a manager can face and when there is an epos system implemented in the business, the accuracy would be enhanced as everything is clearly recorded through the epos. Besides, customers would trust better as there is a digital receipt which exactly determines the purchases with extra details.

Have multiple sale platforms:

A complete epos system can offer you online and remote ordering which can deeply improve your sales platforms and let you meet new customers. More customers equal to more sales and more sales equal to more success.

One comprehensive system to response all the needs:

The last but not the least benefit of an epos system is that you can meet all the requirements of your business with one comprehensive system. If you are thinking about discounts and promotions, epos can help. If there are some price changes, by epos it is easily possible to change the price tags. If there is anything you missed to record in person, epos has done it for you. And if you still think there is no need for an epos system, you are way wrong!



  1. There are multiple packages offered by us. You can choose the most compatible one with your business and goals.
  2. From restaurants and cafes to dry cleaners and hair dressers, can use our product as we offer bespoke software designing.
  3. No matter what is your need, we always have an appropriate response for it.
  4. We are trusted by famous brands like Disney, Red bull, Sony, Starbucks, Burger King, Canon, Coca cola, Dell, etc.
  5. We offer simple pricing terms.
  6. You can have a free online platform beside your purchase.
  7. SMS marketing is one of our other services.
  8. There is no limit to receiving guidance and advice from us.
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