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In order to make a receipt of what you have sold to the customer plus the exact prices and the amount of a product, you will need a printer. This receipt makes a record of the purchased goods which can be really handy specially for the customers. Today, regarding technology, there are many different types of printers but if you want to consider one of the best and most useful ones, a short investigation will tell you thermal printers are a great choice. Let’s see AOTM thermal printer features and options together.

Why a thermal printer?

The main reason for using a thermal printer is that there is no need for ink. When there wouldn’t be a need to ink:

  1. Lower costs
  2. Higher performance
  3. Less trouble (the printing action would be cleaner)

Would be the results. For a business, these three reasons are enough to be convinced to use a special sort of product. Although many people say thermal printers are not handy enough as they can’t print colors, who needs a colorful piece of receipt? In fact, using a thermal printer is totally worth it!

Features and options of AOTM thermal printer

Let us start with something interesting. The AOTM thermal printer is designed to print different kind of characters which means, even if your shop is not an English one and you prefer to print the receipts in a more local way, you can definitely use your language to do it (there is a list of active characters in the table at the end of the page).

By using the thermal printer, you can print anything you wish to! From complicated QR codes to simple product names and prices. This printer uses printing paper 79.5±0.5mm×8mm which can be easily found on AOTM website when you run out of it!

The most fascinating feature of Thermal printers is the speed of printing. It takes only 230ms to 260ms to print a full page of receipt and you can simply cut it with the auto cutter implemented at the top of the printer (you can cut it properly or partially).

You can learn more about the other options and features of this direct thermal printer through the table below and order it through the website right away.

The pricing of AOTM thermal printer

You can buy this 1.4kg thermal printer by the exceptional price of £179.95 without any extra charges or commission fees. As we always say, as simple as possible. Don’t forget that the AOTM thermal printer lifespan is up to 100km of printing. If you also needed extra paper rolls, we offer you a box of 50 thermal printer paper rolls provided on the website and you can read the full information about them before adding it to your purchases.


Although there are other epos systems companies in London, we are a trusted complex by many different businesses including restaurants, gift shops, cafes, etc. such as Sony, Disney, Red bull, burger Kings, StarBucks, and many other famous brands.

Besides this trustworthiness, our products are as handy as possible with the most up to date designs which can respond to all your business needs. You can simply increase the quality of your cashing performance and enhance the customer experience and satisfaction by speeding up the transactions.

The great news is that we offer you a free website design even if you don’t buy any of our products to help you expand your business through online platforms. All you need to pay is time and attention and after we made sure you are selling through the website, a minimum commission per order would be counted for us!

Contact us if you need any further support or information and we will warmly reply to your questions.

Additional information

Printing Method

Direct thermal

Print Width


Column Capacity

576 dots/line 512 dots/line

Printing Speed

230mm/s, 260mm/s



Printing Paper


Line Spacing

3.75mm (Adjustable by commands)

Column Number

80mm paper: Font A – 42 columns or 48 columns/Font B – 56 columns or 64 columns/ – 21 columns or 24 columns

Character Size

ANK,Font A:1.5×3.0mm(12×24 dots) Font B:1.1×2.1mm(9×17 dots) Simplified /traditional Chinese: 3.0×3.0mm(24×24 dots)

Auto Cutter

Full or partial (Optional)

Extension Character Sheet

Arabic, East Europe, Greek, Hebrew, Iran, IranII, Katakana, Latvian, PC347(Standard Europe), PC850 (Multilingual), PC852 (Latin2), PC858, PC860 (Portuguese), PC863 (Canadian-French), PC865 (Nordic), PC866 (Cyrillic#2), PT151 (1251), West Europe, WPC1252

Barcode Types


Input Buffer

2048k bytes, 64k bytes

NV Flash

256k bytes

Power Adaptor

Input: AC 110V/220V, 50~60Hz

Power Source

Output: DC 24V/2.5A






195×140×143mm ( D×W×H)

Work Environment

Temperature (0~45) humidity(10~80%)

Cutter Life

1million cuts

Printer Head Life



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