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Our complete tablet package with software installed.
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  • 12″ Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (Refurbished)
  • NEW Thermal Receipt Printer
  • NEW 24V Steel Cash Drawer
  • Integrated Card Terminal (Optional)
  • Table Bookings
  • Customisable Table Plan
  • Built In Map View
  • Postcode Database Lookup
  • Web and Online Orders Integration
  • Easy Menu Programming EPOS POS Software
  • Back Office Reports
  • Multi System Options
  • Highly User Customisable Sales Screen
  • Customisable Ticket and Receipt layouts
  • Manage Your Customers, Staff, Products & Inventory
  • Supports Multi-Locations
  • Separate Staff Logins
  • Customisable Permissions For Each Staff Member
  • Highly Secure Access Rights & Permissions – Restrict Any Till Function Like Discounts and Refunds
  • USB Caller ID Identifies Returning Customers and Shows Order History
  • Super Fast Printing Thermal Printer
  • Multiple Printer Support Such As Barcode Label Printers
  For bulk purchases and for more EPOS, POS and digital signage products including a wide range of Wireless 3G and USB updated displays please call us on: 0203 632 1003.

Do you need a full package of epos systems but not having enough space for all the equipment? Don’t worry at all as we offer you a full package can fit everywhere. Our tablet package products include all you need for your shop or restaurant. Are you interested to learn more about this product? Then let’s dig in!

What you receive from this package?

Our tablet package product includes:

  1. The tablet (12″ Microsoft Surface Pro 3 -Refurbished)
  2. Software installed on the tablet
  3. A receipt printer
  4. NEW 24V Steel Cash Drawer
  5. Integrated card terminal (optional)
  6. Free website setup (optional)

We ensure you by ordering this package you will be free of any needs in your business. Besides, the package doesn’t take much space so it can be easily set up for any kind of shops (from small gift shops to gigantic restaurants. The point is you can receive a free website as well so that it would be possible to grow your business through online platforms.

What can I do with the tablet package?

It is better to ask what I can’t do because it is simply possible to meet all the payment requirements in your business. Besides the payment options, you can have the following features on the AOTM tablet package:

  1. Table Bookings (for restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.)
  2. Customizable Table Plan (in order to set tables for special ceremonies)
  3. Built-in Map View
  4. Postcode Database Lookup
  5. Web and Online Orders Integration (the website setup and design is free and only 4% commission fee per order would be considered)
  6. Easy Menu Programming EPOS Software
  7. Back Office Reports
  8. Multi System Options (have one package for all your branches)
  9. Highly User Customizable Sales Screen
  10. Customizable Ticket and Receipt layouts
  11. Manage Your Customers, Staff, Products & Inventory (easily have a management software as well)
  12. Supports Multi-Locations
  13. Separate Staff Logins
  14. Customizable Permissions for Each Staff Member
  15. Highly Secure Access Rights & Permissions – Restrict Any till Function Like Discounts and Refunds
  16. USB Caller ID Identifies Returning Customers and Shows Order History
  17. Superfast Printing Thermal Printer
  18. Multiple Printer Support Such as Barcode Label Printers

So, do you have the answer to what you can do with this package? It would be a perfect choice for any kind of business.

What businesses is it perfect for?

Here at AOTM we basically design most of our products for food industry businesses including restaurants, bars, cafes, takeaways, etc. but it doesn’t mean that the packages are not practical for other types of retail stores. Yes, we say our products are perfect for food based businesses and great for other trades as well and it means regardless of the business type, tablet packages can benefit and assist you from many points of views.

Pricing of AOTM tablet package

As we love it as simple as possible, we considered 2 different ways for you to pay off the product price:

  1. Monthly:
    Through this way we charge you £495 for the package and stuff and £35 monthly fee for 24/7 support and lifetime hardware warranty. Once you stop paying the monthly fee the support would be omitted.
  2. Lifetime:
    through this way we charge you £995 for the package and one full year of supporting software plus hardware warranty. There won’t be any extra monthly fees considered.

Of course sometimes special offers affect the mentioned prices and you would be able to receive the package with a great discount. What are you waiting for? Order the package right now and make a big change in your trade.


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