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Online ordering website with POS packages are best value for money, so buy now before its run out.

    • 30 £


Take advantage of our special offer while it lasts!

Tablet ePOS Package with integrated Online ordering. Only £299 (deposit) plus £15 weekly.

Our ePOS packages are suitable for Retail, Restaurants, Takeaway, Delivery and more.

AOTM ePOS in west London is offering the best price in UK.

What you get in this package:

1 x Refurbished Microsoft Surface Pro 3
1 x Thermal Printer
1 x Online ordering
No Commission for online orders

Please make sure you will use the discount code: WEB299 on the check out.

Are you a restaurant or takeaway? Or maybe you are a retail store. No matter what your business is, we have a great tool for you to enhance your performance at work. All you need is to choose your field of business and start earning smartly. The complete POS equipment, containing both software and hardware, can be a perfect choice for all restaurants, deliveries, retails takeaways, cafes, or even off license to customize it yourself. If you find it interesting, read the following sections to gain more information about the product. 

Advantages of using a full pack of EPOS system

You will not need any further items to buy (unless you think of a barcode scanner). The package is offered with a perfect deal so you can save a lot of money. Other benefits of having a full package of an EPOS system are:

  • Having a great managing system
  • Inventory, staves, customers, etc. are all managed through the system
  • Save time and energy
  • Accuracy and speed of cashiering would be done perfectly
  • Increasing customer experience 
  • Digitizing receipts and tags
  • Real time reports
  • Sale analysis which can lead you to have a better view on your customer behavior
  • Etc. 


Features and options

What you get through this package would be:

  1. A thermal printer with roll inside it (if you ran out of rolls, simply supply it through our website)
  2. A cash drawer
  3. An AOTM pay
  4. A Refurbished Microsoft Surface Pro 3

And the best part is that you will receive all of them with a great deal as we offer an awesome discount on it. The discount code is mentioned at the end of the page. Our EPOS packages are suitable for Retail, Restaurants, Takeaway, Delivery and more. The discount never expires so you can simply order it anytime you wish to (unless we run out of it!).

You can simply get benefits of all items with paying for one of them. 

Pricing of AOTM POS special offer

We arrived at the best part. If you want to buy each of the mentioned items in the packages separately, you will be charged for about £1100 but with this offer, you will pay only £299 plus a £30 monthly fee that will cost you only £329. There won’t be any extra charges and fees considered for this package but that’s not all. We also offer you a free website solution for your business without any commission for online orders. Isn’t it just interesting? 

All you need to do is to mention the discount code of WEB299 on the check out. 

Who can use this package?

Every type of business can simply use and get the benefit of this package. You will not only save money on your supply budgets but also will have a perfect impact on growing your trade as fast and accurately as possible. 

So if you are a retailer, restaurant, café, bar, takeaway, etc. don’t miss to buy this package with such a great offer. In other words, all those business managers who are thinking to make a big change in their stores, by equipping their shop with an EPOS package covering all items needed. 

How to order? 

Choose the type of the package from the list of retail, restaurant, takeaway, delivery or off license and confirm your purchase while you check it out. Take advantage of our special offer while it lasts! We will send you the package as soon as possible. You can also receive consultant guides if you contact our supporting team. Therefore, there would be no question in buying any of our products. 


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