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One layout for all resolutions and orientations! With the layout builder you can design a single layout for multiple device resolutions and orientations. You can optimise each resolution design, ensuring your layouts always look the best the can in every resolution for just £35 a month.

Create interactive touch content without having to be a coding wizard. Make pages, zones or specific content items of a layout interactive, quickly and easily simply by using the drop down selection tools in the layout builder.



CMS is one of the main needs of any business which provide services through a website as well. A wrong CMS can lead the business to collapse and an appropriate one can lead the business to become one of the tops in their trading field in the country or even in the world. All those who are the manager of the digital part of a business, deeply know the importance of CMS and that’s why they would look for a suitable one. Before learning how a CMS can help to grow your customers, let’s see what it means.

What is CMS?

CMS is the short form of Content management system which is a computer software that keeps the details of creating and modifying digital contents for websites. There are two different sides in a CMS software which can make it professional.

One is the front-end part that allows the website admins to manage the current contents of the website, remove or add new contents including products, and the modification access depends on what the webmaster determines. This is called CMA or content management application. The other one is CDA or content delivery application which allows compilation of the contents or updates on the website.

When we use a CMS, there is no need of using HTML codes in apparent and that’s why everyone, without having particular knowledge can use it as simple as possible. In other words, even if you have no idea of website designing and development, have a CMS to expand your business through the internet and absorb more and more customers.

The combination of these two components make a CMS useful for blog posts, product descriptions, media sharing, etc. for a special type of business with special purposes.  For instance, WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs in today’s market of online shops and every day you can see the increment of the WordPress users.

Why do I need a CMS?

Nowadays, there is almost no good brand without a website. In fact, it is deeply believed that websites can bring more authority to your brand and people will trust you better. Besides, by having an online shop as well as physicals, you can catch more target audience. This means a larger customer range without establishing more branches in different parts of the city!

By taking a deeper look at this issue, a CMS is like having a website without coding and having a website means a branch of your business accessible for everyone all around the world.

Features of AOTM CMS

A CMS can assist you in the following terms:

  1. Indexing, implementing, managing and creating contents of a website including blog posts, product description and media, images, videos, etc.
  2. Allowing the user to search something on the website through the keywords, publication dates, author’s name, categories, etc.
  3. Editing and updating contents after it is published. (revision option)
  4. Admin panels that make it possible for admins to add or remove a user, content, product, media, etc.
  5. A layout for all the resolutions and orientations for multiple websites.
  6. Arranging the website in the most beneficial way.
  7. Making SEO friendly URLs.
  8. Easy wizard-based installation.
  9. Requiring the minimum server supports.
  10. Setting the accessibility for further admins and users.

With the mentioned options, you can make sure of having a useful and easy to use platform to provide your product and services online.

Pricing on AOTM CMS solution

At first we decided to offer a £35 per month fee for this product and then it changed into a £19.95 monthly fee as we wanted more customer satisfaction. In addition, there is no commission fee for this product so feel free to add it to your brand.

You can also contact our support team for further information and consultation on this product or any other product of AOTM. We are always pleased to help our clients have a better impact with their brand. Note that you can have a free website building through AOTM and when we made sure you are earning from the website a minimum 5% commission fee would be considered as our wage. As simple as possible as we always claim!


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