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Our complete basic package with pos software installed.

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  • NEW 15″ Touch Screen
  • Refurbished Mini PC
  • NEW Thermal Receipt Printer
  • NEW 24V Steel Cash Drawer
  • NEW USB Caller ID
  • Integrated Card Terminal (Optional)
  • Customisable Table Plan
  • Built In Map View
  • Postcode Database Lookup
  • Web and Online Orders Integration
  • Easy Menu Programming EPOS POS Software
  • Back Office Reports
  • Multi System Options
  • Highly User Customisable Sales Screen
  • Customisable Ticket and Receipt layouts
  • Manage Your Customers, Staff, Products & Inventory
  • Supports Multi-Locations
  • Separate Staff Logins
  • Customisable Permissions For Each Staff Member
  • Highly Secure Access Rights & Permissions – Restrict Any Till Function Like Discounts and Refunds
  • USB Caller ID Identifies Returning Customers and Shows Order History
  • Super Fast Printing Thermal Printer
  • Multiple Printer Support Such As Barcode Label Printers
For bulk purchases and for more EPOS, POS and digital signage products including a wide range of Wireless 3G and USB updated displays please call us on: 0203 632 1003.

One of the most popular AOTM packages is the basic package as it covers all the needs with providing all the necessary tools. No matter if you have a small gift shop with limited items or a big place selling everything a customer needs, Basic package can respond to your clients perfectly. In better description, you will have a full epos cashier for your shop by preparing the AOTM basic package. Let’s see what this package includes, how it can benefit you and how the pricing is.

What do I receive by ordering the Basic package?

Basically, you will receive all you need. The basic package includes:

  1. A USB caller ID
  2. Steel cash drawer
  3. 15” touch screen
  4. Refurbished mini PC
  5. Thermal printer
  6. Integrated card terminal (optional)
  7. A website set up (for free and with 4% commission fee per order)
  8. The installed epos software on the PC


Which means you can simply insert barcodes, determine products and prices of them, calculate the final orders and print a receipt. It is interesting to know that managing a restaurant can be completely done through this package.

The caller ID would also make it easy for those who try to order remotely through the phone and you would be able to make different accounts specifically for each customer. As an extra advantage, the caller ID saves the customer’s order history to make records frequently.

In other words, CRM is one of the other benefits of this product which can help you to study your customer’s behavior through a month or a week and analyze them. This analyzing will be a great way to provide those kinds of services which attract more loyalty by clients.

Besides all these benefits, your employees can have separated accounts on a single package so that you can evaluate the staff’s efforts and consider special gifts to encourage them.

And last but not least option is having full and updated access to the inventory and ability to manage it efficiently.

Basic package features in brief

As an overview, the AOTM basic package has the following features:

  1. Customizable Table Plan (a useful feature for food based businesses)
  2. Built in Map View
  3. Postcode Database Lookup
  4. Web and Online Orders Integration
  5. Easy Menu Programming EPOS POS Software
  6. Back Office Reports
  7. Multi System Options
  8. Highly User Customizable Sales Screen
  9. Customizable Ticket and Receipt layouts
  10. Manage Your Customers, Staff, Products & Inventory
  11. Supports Multi-Locations
  12. Separate Staff Logins
  13. Customizable Permissions for Each Staff Member
  14. Highly Secure Access Rights & Permissions – Restrict Any till Function Like Discounts and Refunds
  15. USB Caller ID Identifies Returning Customers and Shows Order History
  16. Superfast Printing Thermal Printer
  17. Multiple Printer Support Such as Barcode Label Printers

Pricing of Basic package

As many of our other products, you will have two options to pay for basic package:

  • Monthly:
    You would buy the full package tools for £299 and a monthly fee of £30 would be charged for 24/7 software support plus an unlimited hardware warranty.
  • Lifetime:
    In this way you pay a one-pay off for the whole package and tools with a price of £995 (currently you can buy this package for only £599). There won’t be any other monthly payments and we will offer you a full year supporting software plus hardware warranty.

You can also receive a special discount while there is a special offer on the website so try to sign up as soon as possible to get notified with the most recent promotions.

How to order?          

You can simply order what you need through our website but if there is any ambiguity or you can’t decide what product is the best fit for your business, contact us to receive a free consultant on products. We always appreciate to guide our clients the best way possible.


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