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Our complete All In One package with pos software installed.
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  • NEW 15″ All in One Touch Screen Terminal
  • NEW Thermal Receipt Printer
  • NEW 24V Steel Cash Drawer
  • NEW USB Caller ID
  • Integrated Card Terminal (Optional)
  • Table Bookings
  • Customisable Table Plan
  • Built In Map View
  • Postcode Database Lookup
  • Web and Online Orders Integration
  • Easy Menu Programming EPOS POS Software
  • Back Office Reports
  • Multi System Options
  • Highly User Customisable Sales Screen
  • Customisable Ticket and Receipt layouts
  • Manage Your Customers, Staff, Products & Inventory
  • Supports Multi-Locations
  • Separate Staff Logins
  • Customisable Permissions For Each Staff Member
  • Highly Secure Access Rights & Permissions – Restrict Any Till Function Like Discounts and Refunds
  • USB Caller ID Identifies Returning Customers and Shows Order History
  • Super Fast Printing Thermal Printer
  • Multiple Printer Support Such As Barcode Label Printers
For bulk purchases and for more EPOS, POS and digital signage products including a wide range of Wireless 3G and USB updated displays please call us on: 0203 632 1003.

Regardless of the retail business you have, an epos would be always handy. By an epos you can simply mechanize all the cashing functions and this mechanizing will lead you to have a more accurate, quicker, clearer, etc. accounting system. Some people prefer to have a single software epos system and some prefer a full package. This is totally based on the favor, need and goals of the business but we highly recommend a comprehensive package such as All in one package product of AOTM.

What does this package include?

This package will bring needlessness to your transactions plus make your customer feel more satisfied by the purchases as they won’t stay a long time to get a single thing to be paid. By this package you will have:

  1. A brand New 15” touch screen terminal with the software installed on it
  2. A thermal receipt printer
  3. 24V steel cash drawer
  4. USB caller ID
  5. Integrated card terminal (optional)

You can simply add products in the epos system through the touch screen terminal. In addition, determining special offers and discounts for some products or removing a product. Note that by USB caller ID saving your customers shopping history is possible so that you will be able to study your clients’ behavior. Studying can be helpful when you want to bring new products (you can understand if the product is going to be well-sold or not!)

Features of All in one package of AOTM

There are some exceptional features AOTM considers for businesses especially those businesses offering food services including restaurants, takeaways, coffee shops, etc.

Easily, have a table booking option or create a table plan for unique ceremonies such as birthdays, anniversaries, business meetings or other similar programs. Other features of this product are completely covered through the list below.

  1. Built in Map View
  2. Postcode Database Lookup
  3. Web and Online Orders Integration
  4. Easy Menu Programming EPOS POS Software
  5. Back Office Reports
  6. Multi System Options
  7. Highly User Customizable Sales Screen
  8. Customizable Ticket and Receipt layouts
  9. Manage Your Customers, Staff, Products & Inventory
  10. Supports Multi-Locations
  11. Separate Staff Logins
  12. Customizable Permissions for Each Staff Member
  13. Highly Secure Access Rights & Permissions – Restrict Any till Function Like Discounts and Refunds
  14. USB Caller ID Identifies Returning Customers and Shows Order History
  15. Superfast Printing Thermal Printer
  16. Multiple Printer Support Such as Barcode Label Printers

It is interesting to mention that, even if you have multiple cashiers in your store, all of them can have a separated account on the system to log in and record their selling. This option can help the manager to set special rewards for those staff with highest rankings.

Besides, there is another awesome feature on the system and that’s managing inventory. A brilliant manager knows to prepare supplies before it ends.

Pricing of AOTM All in one package

If you have experience buying our products, you are probably familiar with our pricing methods. As simple as possible, we offer you two ways of paying for the products.

  1. Monthly:
    We will charge you a fee for the package of £595 and a monthly payment of £35. This pricing will lead you to a fulltime supporting software (24/7) and a lifetime hardware warranty.
  2. One payoff:
    Through this way, we will charge you £1295 for only one pay-off and you will be free of monthly payments. This program contains a full year of software support and hardware warranty.

Note that we currently considered a special offer for the second way of paying and that’s a £100 discount on the package which means you will need to pay only £1195 instead.

Don’t forget to receive a free website set up to develop your business through the vast market of online trades and boost your customer range. We will only require 4% commission per order on your website and the whole designing would be freely offered.

All you need to do to own this package is to order it through the AOTM official website. If you have any questions about any of our products, please contact our supporting team to get the best guidance.  


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