AOTM pos

  • Integrated Payment with EyePos
  • Set your account less than 15 Minutes
  • Start taking payments at the same day
  • Contactless or Chip & Pin

One-off Price

  • No Contract
  • No Monthly Fee
  • No Hidden Cost
  • No Merchant Account Needed
  • No PCI fees

Fix fee for all

Simple pricing

  • Pay only 1.7% + £0.2 per transaction for all UK Debit, Visa and Master cards
  • No other fixed fees. We love it simple!

Faster payments in a beautiful new package

  • Swipe, insert or go contactless
  • USB Charging

Have total control of you finance with our payment App

Since COVID19 became a member of our lives, using anything which has the risk of virus transfer, including paper money, turned into a dangerous behavior. Therefore, both shoppers and business owners tried to use credit cards (or any other payment cards) instead of paying in cash. AOTM pay device can be a great choice for those who are looking for a safer, faster, more accurate, etc. device to do treat their customers. Let’s read more details about this interesting product of AOTM.  

Features of AOTM pay device

This hardware of EPOS supports Bluetooth connection and can be easily joined to other side devices including the epos displays. Besides the Bluetooth, you can also use the USB connection for those devices which doesn’t support Bluetooth.

There is a stand coming with this device that you can simply put the device in the best position and use it with highest proficiency. And Guess what is the most interesting thing about AOTM pay? It takes only 5 seconds per transaction!

The charging is done through a USB cable which can be directly connected to urban electricity or computer devices as a second party. Generally, the AOTM pay includes:

  1. The pay device
  2. USB ports and cable
  3. A stand for device
  4. Bluetooth connecting option

Pricing of AOTM pay

The most important factors which can be effective in your decision whether to buy a product or not are:

  1. Quality
  2. Price

As we mentioned, the quality of AOTM pay is at a great level so that the other factor, the pricing, can be a challenging feature. We love it simply! That’s our slogan so we considered the simplest ways for pricing on our services and products. All you need to do to have an AOTM paying device is to apply an order through the website for only £149.95 and a commission fee.

The commission fee includes 1.7% per transaction plus £0.02. For example, if you have a transaction done with the device and it cost £20.00, our commission fee would be £0.34 + £0.02 which is equal to £0.36. Sounds like nothing!

Note that we never charge you for any other taxes fee, so feel free to have as many transactions as you want. Something else to know is that the payments would be deposited to your account in 3 to 5 work days. We do our best to make you satisfied with your work.

How to use the AOTM pay?

As simple as possible, you can use the chip and pin or the contactless paying method as both of them are supported on this device. Once you order one of these devices, we would ship it to your location with our professional installers. The account set up takes less than 15 minutes and after that, you are able to use the device right away (it may take a few minutes to be fully connected but the same day, everything would be done). We will ensure you this is the best integrated payment tool for your business.

Why do I need this?

  1. In order to protect you, your employees, your store and your customers from any probable viruses including COVID19.
  2. To make sure all the transactions are accurately done.
  3. Have a faster transaction so that faster servicing is done. This means more customer satisfaction and less people in lines for paying.
  4. The least commissions and prices are considered.
  5. There are no tax payments considered.

If you need any further information about AOTM pay, contact our customer guides to receive the best consultant. Order this device right now and make a big change in your business.