As a business owner, you would be responsible for preparing the main needs of your trade. These main needs include both the products and a way to treat your customers. This treatment can be done either through cashiers and personnel staff with the traditional ways or a comprehensive platform with an operator (or even without operator) such as EPOS systems.

Here at AOTM epos systems, we provided complete and various types of epos systems can meet any kind of business requirements easily. If you are planning to equip your retail store, restaurant, café, bar, or any other kind of business with an epos system and you are in the UK, here is the best place to gain enough information about epos systems in London and decide what package to buy.

What is an epos system used for?

Epos systems, standing for electronic point of sale systems are the systems which can assist you in sale terminals through accounting, managing, analysis, CRM, etc. The main usage of epos systems are for the retail stores who offer a vast range of products such as gift shops and restaurant and food industries. But it doesn’t mean that smaller shops can’t use epos systems and the advantages as well.

Any genuine business manager knows that when there is direct selling beside online markets, there would definitely be a need for such a system. So, it can be concluded that any physical store can use an epos system.

What products are provided on AOTM?

The list of our products and services are:

  1. Online ordering website (for free!)
  2. AOTM pay
  3. Tablet packages
  4. Basic packages
  5. All in one packages
  6. AOTM POS software
  7. Terminal printer
  8. CMS solution
  9. Wall mounted advertising display
  10. Samsung digital menu boards
  11. Iphone Style Free Standing Digital Signage Advertising Display LCD
  12. Freestanding Iphone style Touch Kiosk
  13. USB Caller ID
  14. Thermal Printer Rolls 80×80 (Box of 50 Rolls)
  15. Customer pole display
  16. Label printer
  17. Cash drawer
  18. Barcode scanner
  19. POS till system
  20. SMS marketing
  21. POS special offer
  22. All in one double sided POS till System
  23. All in one POS with Pole Display

What product and services should I buy?

Based on your needs, we offer you different kinds of services and products. The main question you might have could be ‘What fits my business the best?’ which is totally a correct question to ask. Here at AOTM you can not only learn more about each product by clicking on the icon, but also it is possible to receive a consultant in order to evaluate the current status of your business and decide what product or services are needed for you.

You can also require a bespoke product which is designed specifically for you if you can’t find the appropriate product or service through our website. This way you can both meet your business requirements and have a unique epos system.

An epos system is actually a software connected to a smart device. This smart device can be a tablet, iPad, or a computer (either mac or windows based). Through this system, cash registering and printing the final purchased products is possible and you can add a payment terminal, a cash drawer, a barcode scanner, etc. to make it more comprehensive.

The costs highly depend on the services and products. As a complete system it might charge you £600 to £1200 and a single software would be in between £100 to £500.

A good epos system should assist you in the following items:

  1. Inventory management
  2. Customer management
  3. Increasing customer satisfaction
  4. Analyze and weekly sale reports
  5. Price tags and discounts
  6. Remote (online) orders
  7. Product management

Epos systems can save extra expenses of personnel simply as it does many things at the same time with highest accuracy. Besides, it can save you and your customers time. This saving can let you concentrate on other ways of developing your business, and improve the customer satisfaction impressively. The customer satisfaction is equal to more loyal buyers and more loyal buyers is equal to being introduced to a vast range of other people for free!

Definitely yes! Based on the packages you buy, the supports and services can be for one year or unlimitedly in any time or the day. (7/24)

Of course it does. As we mentioned, a good epos system should help you in customer management and weekly analysis as well. It means you will receive a perfect report of the sales, customer behavior and any related data you need through the epos system.

As long as it is defined, yes you can do it. For more information, you can contact our customer supporting team or leave your questions about customizations through commenting on our website. Note that you can also ask the epos installer to set all the edits you want and teach it to you as well.

When you buy an epos software, you have bought the license and this means you can use it for all the branches of your business.